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Letters to Trees and Clouds

A man wakes up one morning and finds himself empty, so empty that no doctor, no friend can help him. Change of scene: One day, a brand-new, beautiful piano stands in the street, turning everyday life of the residents upside down until it disappears as quietly as it arrived...

"Letters to Trees and Clouds" is not a continuous story but rather a loose series of scenes reflecting on the world and its inhabitants from a naïve and childlike perspective. What makes it special is the unprejudiced view of events. It is left to the audience to interpret them, nothing is judged or rated. This way, we gain space for our own associations which, combined with events taking place on the stage, will ideally leave us with a very individual perception of the performance.

Yes, you read right, lots of experiments this year: both set design and tech crews are going new ways in their work. And since the production is still evolving, we are just as curious as you to see the final version.






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